Q. Where is the Agrodial located?

A. Factory, showroom and warehouses are located at El Salvador, Central America.

Q. Is there a minimum order?

A. No, you can order 100 boxes or one carton quantity, its all up to you. But be aware that it is more cost effective to spread freight costs over larger quantities.

Q. Is Freight included in the price? Only on certain occasions freight is included.

A. Freight is NOT included in the price. Freight is calculated on the size & weight of an order and the delivery location. We can on request provide a quote.

Q. Can I get samples?

A. On request but charges may apply.

Q. How Long does it take to get my order?

A. Local orders usually under a week and international orders depending on where you are.

Q. Are Agrodial products sensitive to the environment?

A. Yes. All Agrodial products are from managed plantations. Rainforests were not cleared to make way for these plantations.

Q. Does Agrodial test their products on animals?

A. No, we do not test on animals.